Bella VoxBox Review

5 May

Well, I’ve tried it all!

Let’s start with what I didn’t like:

  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs: It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this, really… I’m just way too pale, and I like being pale. It did seem to go on fairly well, and it dried lighter one you rub it in. I didn’t see any streaks, but it was too orange on my skin tone since I’m really pale.
  • The Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara created by Kate Moss wasn’t my favorite. The brush was too big for my puny little lashes, and it didn’t apply well. The mascara itself was hard to remove at the end of the day, and there wasn’t anything I really liked. Maybe for someone whose lashes are long, this could work, but it wasn’t for me.

Things I was “meh” about:

  • The Dove chocolate with Real Fruit: this was fine, tasted fine, but I just wouldn’t really choose it for a snack.

Things I liked:

  • The Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss: this was a pleasant surprise. I used a primer, and this went on nicely, and though I wasn’t really excited by bright red, it was nice. The color looked nice, it was smooth, and stayed on for a good time, but also was easy to remove.
  • EcoTools Complexion Collection Mattifying Finish Brush: this brush was fantastic. It felt soft and smooth against my skin, and I use it every morning with my mattifying powder.
  • Not Your Mother’s Deja Vu Do Style Extender: this was amazing! I’ve used hair primers and style extenders before and have not been impressed. This left my hair smelling SO GOOD, and it really did make it a few days without washing. This was better than some really expensive brands I’ve used, and I will buy the full-sized version.

All in all, there were some great products! I was especially taken with the NYMDJVD Style Extender, and was really pleased to get these to get this box!



26 Apr

me a Bella Vox box (for free!) to review.

So far, I really enjoy it. I haven’t used everything yet, and there are some things I LOOOOOVE, and some that are okay. More on that, later!

They also included a link to Club W, which seems really cool! I like wine, and I took a look– they include pairings, as well as great descriptions of the wines they offer. Can’t wait to give that a try!


Moving Up!

24 Apr

We’re moving up! We are heading from the secon floor to the top, and the new apartment (in the same building) is a bit bigger, too! It also has more original features (wood floors in the bedrooms, as well as the living room!), and some neat doors. 

They’re still cleaning the new apartment, so there are a few things laying around. Also not pictured is the walk-in closet in Chris’s Man Room.


When you walk in, this is what you see.


From the middle of the living room, you can see the door to the outside world, and the door to the “Cat Room.”


The door leading to outside. I know, glamorous.


This is a big sorr of sun room, with windows on the three sides. There are creeping vines. on the outside and its’s pretty cool. This is our Cats’ Room!


the view from the 4th floor. If you look the other way, you can see the courthouse and Downtown Fargo.


Looking from the living room to the hall and kitchen


Down the hall

The kitchen is not my favorite. I dont like the white parts of the cabinets or the old stove, but there is a lot of space and the ceramic tile on the floor is nice!

Bedroom, closet, and bathroom doors. look at that door with the holes for venting!

Bedroom 1

I don’t love those shelves, but they are useful anand I’ll make it work

Bedroom 1 closet

Man Cave / Chris’s Office / Small Bedroom. there is also a door to the outdoor piorch

Bathroom at the end of the hallway

Blurry door to Bedroom 2

Blurry closet in Bedroom 2



Two windows in Bedroom 2


The tall windows in the block’s stairwell


My CURRENT living room (Smudge bonus)


More of my current stuff


My current kitchen, which is more modern , but smaller


An Alternate Potterverse

19 Aug

Dad is trying to remember characters from Harry Potter. Some attempts:

-Lord Baltimore
-George Potter… Oh wait, Harry
-The Beasles


13 Aug

Dad: “VIP. That’s not me. Could be you, Belle! Very Important… Papillon!”

Traffic Jam

13 Aug

Two swathers on the road. I guess that’s about as close to a traffic jam as we’ll ever get in North Dakota.

Traffic Jam

Wheat Harvest: The Beginning

12 Aug

It’s about that time.


Visit to DC

5 Aug

Went to DC. Still took a picture of something North Dakota-related:


Turkey Karma

27 Jul

After pressure washing turkey poo off farm machinery yesterday, I suggested that the best cleaning method would be to not have turkeys.

Last night some coyotes killed all but one of the turkeys.

Wish granted. Not sure if I should feel guilty or not.

Park Your Combines

24 Jul

Welcome to my small town in North Dakota, where you can park your combine on Main Street.

Parallel Parking, anyone?